Amazing, I can’t believe how well Wrinkle Wiz actually works on my clothing, I will not travel without it form now on.

Janet W.

This has been a lifesaver many times before going to work. Takes the wrinkles out of almost anything instantly–just lay the garment on the bed, spray and smooth. It evaporates almost immediately. Wrinkles gone!


Honestly, Wrinkle Wiz is better than any spray I’ve ever used. You don’t need to use loads of it, the odor is not strong IMO, it dries fast, and doesn’t leave a trace. I purchased one bottle and liked it so much I turned around and purchased two more. You truly do get what you pay for. Highly recommended!


I am writing to tell you what an EXCELLENT product this is! I have tried another brand but when I found Wrinkle Wiz there was no going back! I have told everyone I can about this product and have even given it as a gift. I work as a Flight Attendant and this product is a life saver.



I purchased your travel size bottle for a trip to Alaska…everything I have is wash and dry; didn’t use it on the trip. Did just now use it on a white shirt at home – major wrinkles disappeared immediately. WHERE can I purchase the 16 oz bottle? This product is fantastic!


I love your product. It is the best!


Hello. I am in love with your product and it is just what I need. How can I get it, as I am spanish and thus live in Spain?

Your truly admirer