8 products to bring you back to life after a flight

Air travel brings out the ugly in everyone.

While sleep and a shower would be ideal, quick post-flight fixes are more realistic.

Thankfully, we live in an age of solutions: whatever the ill, there’s a product to cure it.

Whether the paparazzi really await your arrival in baggage claim or not, these eight products will leave you looking ready for some “welcome home, here’s a camera in your face” action.

Wrinkle Wiz

wrinkle wiz sprayIf only there were a facial spray that could make skin wrinkles disappear this quickly.Part of feeling good is looking good and this Wrinkle Wizwrinkle-be-gone spray lets you smooth your way to neatness in minutes.

Spritz your clothes and press the wrinkles out with your hands.

The Wiz works on most fabrics, doesn’t stain and even eliminates odors. It’s the closest thing to packing an iron in your carry-on.


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